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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Click the “shop” tab and select an option of ordering.

How soon can I start?

Your start date depends on the window that you order in. Meal Plan orders placed Sunday – Wednesday noon will be delivered on the following Sunday and Wednesday Meal Plan orders placed Wednesday after noon – Saturday at midnight will start the Sunday after next A la Carte Orders placed Sunday - Wednesday at noon will be delivered on Sunday A la Carte orders placed Wednesday after noon – Saturday at midnight will be delivered Wednesday

Can I share an account if orders are delivered to the same address?

Accounts can be shared as long as the modifications, dietary and dislikes apply to both users. If both users have different modifications then two accounts must be created. To avoid paying two delivery fees when both orders are going to the same address please email us at customerservice@cleancreations.net and we will give you a promo code for free shipping to be applied to one order. We do not require that both users rent 2 bags if the orders are going to the same address.

Do I get a discount if I refer a friend?

YES! Thank you so much for spreading the word about our service! Please use the “invite a friend” tab to spread the word and get immediate credits in your account.

What meal plans do you offer?

Clean Creations offers 4 different options for ordering: A la carte: perfect for mixing and matching meals. This option allows you to select exactly what meals you would like. If you are looking to establish healthy food into your lifestyle this is the perfect option for you.3 Get Lean: perfect for maintaining lean muscle mass while reducing body fat. We will create a meals for you that incorporate lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and nutrient rich vegetables. Each component will be weighed and portioned so that you feel satisfied and nourished after every meal. Muscle Builder: perfect for increasing muscle mass while maintaining or reducing body fat. We will create a meals for you that incorporate a substantial portion of lean protein, complex carbohydrates and nutrient rich vegetables. Each component will be weighed and portioned so you are fueled and energized for the day! Custom meal builder: allows you to create your own meal from a selection of proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates and sauces so you are in complete control of your meal!

Where are the menus?

We publish new menus every Sunday on our Menus page. Check the website every week for new dishes and old favorites!

How do I know which meal plan is best for me?

Great question! With so many options, selecting the right meals for your dietary goals or restrictions can be tough. Just give us a call. We’ll walk you through the options and find the perfect meal plan to suit your taste and dietary needs. Call (504) 309-5427 or (225) 615-7145.

Dessert. I need it. Talk to me.

All of our desserts and sweets can be found on our a la carte menu under Snacks.

How many macros are in each meal?

Our new macro calculator makes tracking macros easy! All macros will be shown when choosing your meals.

I’m vegetarian / pescetarian. What meal plans or options do you offer?

We pride ourselves on being able to customize meals for people with dietary restrictions. After you have selected your plan (a la carte, muscle builder or get lean) you will get the option to select dietary restrictions. Just select the diet restriction that applies to you and save. If you have immediate questions, please contact us at custom@cleancreations.net.

I have food allergies. Can you adjust meals or menus to accommodate?

Yes! We always do our best to accommodate dietary needs and restrictions, including food allergies. Once your order has been placed stay logged into your account and go to “my account” from here click on “view/edit diet restrictions” From here select any food allergies or dislikes that may apply to your preferences and save. We will customize your meal according to the diet preferences that have been selected. Please keep in mind that the menu that is published on our site will not visually changed based off of your preferences, but we will customize your meals accordingly. If you have immediate questions, please e-mail custom@cleancreations.net.

Do you offer gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, and vegan meals?

Yes, we do! This is what sets Clean Creations apart from the rest. We customize meals for people with dietary restrictions, whether you’re eating gluten-free, trying out a paleo diet, or require vegetarian or vegan meals.

I’m a “selective” eater. Okay. I’m kind’ve picky about certain foods. Can you adjust meals or menus to accommodate?

You now have more power than ever! Our custom meal builder is a great option for selective eaters. Customers will also be able to choose as many dislikes and preferences that they may have. We will show you the meals that work best for you.

How do I heat my meals?

Our containers are microwave safe. Remove the lid and place it loosely over the container. (To allow heat to escape and prevent the food from drying out, the container should be covered, but not “sealed.”) Because microwaves vary, we recommend heating in 30-second increments and checking the temperature. Most meals heat within 45 seconds to 1 minute. Before heating, be sure to remove any separate containers with cold items, such as sour cream, yogurt, fruit, or lettuce.

Do you recommend certain meals for certain times?

To optimize your metabolic rate, we recommend eating a meal or snack every 3 to 4 hours. You’ll never feel too full or too hungry. If you order off of the a la carte menu, the timing of your meals is up to you. If you select a meal plan (get lean or muscle builder), we structure the meals so that you know exactly what to eat, when.

What is the refrigerated shelf life of meals?

All of our meals are labeled with an expiration date. Properly stored/refrigerated meals last 4 to 5 days. Remember: we do not use any preservatives in our meals!

Do you freeze meals before delivery?

No way! All of our meals are prepared fresh and never frozen. We also do not recommend freezing meals because it can diminish the flavor and quality of ingredients.


What areas are in your delivery zone?

We deliver in the New Orleans, Northshore and Baton Rouge area. If you have questions, please call (504) 309-5427 or (225) 615-7145 to confirm delivery in your area.

Can I pick up meals at Clean Creations?

Yes! If you plan on picking up you do not have to pay a delivery fee or rent an insulated cooler. Just select “local pickup” at checkout and in the “delivery note section” specify that you would like a brown bag pickup. This will alert our staff to load your delivery in a paper bag instead of an insulated cooler. Pickup hours and location: Sunday 8-2/ Wednesday 10-6 1105 Lafayette st Gretna La 70053

I live in a gated community. Do I need to make arrangements for delivery?

Yes. If you have a 24-hour guard, please register our business name with security so that we can deliver to your home. If you have a code or key, please provide the code or key in the “delivery note section” at checkout. If you are a new customer, please let us know about any delivery restrictions, special instructions or specifications in the “delivery note section” at checkout.

When are orders delivered?

We deliver on Sunday and Wednesday. Deliveries typically begin at 9 a.m. and continue throughout the day. If you select one of our plans (Muscle Builder / Get Lean) all orders are automatically split into two separate deliveries. You’ll get one delivery on Sunday and the other delivery on Wednesday. Please note: any order placed before Wednesday at noon will be delivered the immediate Sunday. If you select A La Carte meals for delivery: * Orders placed between Sunday and Wednesday at noon will be delivered on Sunday. * Orders placed Wednesday after noon and Saturday at midnight are delivered on Wednesday. Please call (504) 309-5427 or (225) 615-7145 if you have any questions about the delivery system.

I didn’t receive my delivery. What happened?

If you missed a delivery, please call (504) 309-5427 or (225) 615-7145. There are several reasons you may not receive a delivery. Our driver may not be able to access your home, non-payment, a scheduled hold, and unexpected circumstances may cause delivery delays.

Can you deliver at a specific time?

No. Because we’re growing and signing on new customers every week, our delivery routes and schedule varies. The good news? Our insulated delivery bags and ice packs are equipped to withstand even the most brutal Louisiana weather. Your delivery will be fresh and ready to eat whatever the time of day.

What do I do with the insulated cooler bag?

Please leave the bag containing the thawed ice packs outside the night before your scheduled delivery day. This means you’ll leave the bag outside Saturday night if you have a Sunday delivery, and Tuesday night if delivery is Wednesday. We collect the bags and ice packs and leave your meals in a new insulated bag. In the event that we deliver to you and we are unable to retrieve a bag upon dropping a new bag there is a $5 bag fee. Please see BAG POLICY for details regarding bag/ ice packs/ fees.

Why is there a deposit for the insulated cooler bag?

We charge a one-time, refundable $40 bag deposit when you sign up. At the end of service, all cooler bags and ice packs must be returned or picked up by Clean Creations. A $40 per bag fee will be billed to the account upon closing if bags are not returned. If all bags are retrieved on the first attempt, we will refund $30.00 of the bag deposit; the remaining $10.00 is our pick-up fee. If we have to schedule additional attempts to pick up the bag, we will deduct $10.00 from the deposit per attempt. Initial last bag pick up fee is $10.00; customer refund is $30.00
2nd attempt is $10.00; customer refund is $20.00
3rd attempt is $20.00; customer refund is $0 If you would like the full $40 refunded you can drop off your cooler to our facility (1105 Lafayette St Gretna La 70053)

Can I leave the insulated bags outside, or have them delivered to an outside refrigerator?

No. Due to the specialized requirements for delivery, we are not able to unload bags into an outdoor refrigerator. Our insulated bags and ice packs have been rigorously tested to ensure food is kept at a safe temperature.

Can I request to have the bag placed in a particular location at delivery?

Yes. Please let us know about any delivery restrictions, special instructions or specifications in the “order note section” at checkout.

What happens if I forget to leave the bag outside?

We will note the missed bag on your account and complete the delivery. Please leave both bags outside for your next scheduled delivery.

Who do I contact if I’m having issues with my delivery?

Please call (504) 309-5427 or (225) 615-7145 or e-mail customerservice@cleancreations.net.

Who do I contact if the meals in my bag are not correct?

This may be a packaging error, or your order may be incorrect in the system. Please call (504) 309-5427 or (225) 615-7145, or e-mail customerservice@cleancreations.net to notify us of the error.

Billing / Accounts

Can I have a recurring order delivered every week?

Yes! Your order will be delivered weekly until you cancel your plan. Please note: Your card will always process on a Wednesday so all changes or amendments must be made prior to this day. We will stop deliveries when we receive written notice of the cancellation, but you may continue to receive an order that is already in production before the cancellation is received.

Can I put my account on hold while I’m out of town or don’t need meals delivered?

Yes. Orders can be paused by logging into your account and pausing the days you will be out of town. All changes for Sunday delivery must be made by Wednesday at noon. All changes for Wednesday delivery must be made by Saturday at midnight. If any additional help is needed, please E-mail customerservice@cleancreations.net.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards or debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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